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Logic and Reason…

Well, Genie, he’s got you there…

OK, this Structure continues to expand… From the outside it doesn’t appear that it would have rooms with doors…

Poor Mark, he just can’t keep up, can he?? Thanks for the classic “What Th’…?” It’s been a while! That really takes me back. Especially the way that Mark vocalizes his thoughts!

So Yes… Wife? Lover? Let’s stay tuned…

One thought on “Logic and Reason…

  1. What the heck is going on in the second panel of the bottom strip? Genie, in a most ungainly depiction, looks like she’s dematerializing through the wall, itself. In fact, the walls appear to have transmogrified from horizontal logs into vertical boards!

    You’re right about this cabin, as if it is Dr. Who’s telephone booth. It just expands and changes as the situation requires. How many rooms are in this supposedly small overnight shack, anyway?! As you say, where are the Sherpas? I can’t believe they would be forced to sleep outside, like cattle or horses. Then again, maybe the prefer cleaner air.

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