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Switching to day packs?

As the team climbs higher, their packs get smaller…

… and Mark continues to hammer on his point… that he is pretty sure that Camel is full of shite…

…and boy if there was ever a weary look, Genie is sporting it now…

… but once again, let’s take stock… there have always been 4 tents (the bulk and configuration of which is still utterly laughable; they are no doubt still sleeping on cots…) but now we realize that Genie and Dr. Camel are probably sharing and the Sherpa(s) each get there own? The Tent says, “I can’t believe it, Genie” which has to be (?) Dr. Camel, right? And Apparently a snow leopard has been dogging (catting) their steps?


2 thoughts on “Switching to day packs?

  1. The sherpas return to the strip. But wait, they’re guides, right? They’re supposed to be in the front! I mean, they should be the ones suggesting camp times and sites, but they seem little more than pack mules.

  2. And just WHO goes on extended hikes/explorations like this group, using puny day packs!? Maybe they’re using the latest COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY to squeeze their gear into very small shapes! And that compression equipment is what is in the sherpa’s packs. That equipment just can’t compress itself! 🙂

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