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And off he goes!!

Could we be reaching a plot climax?  As Genie shines the lantern on Harvey, we get a special glimpse into his madness… and what appears to be a PVC superstructure holding up the wall tent!  

But wait, kids, Harvey is about to fall for what turned out to be a pile of rocks for Mark

And so with the faith of a child knowing that Santa Claus will come down the chimney and bring toys, Harvey Camel, PhD pads off in the freshly fallen snow…

Is this the last of him? Does he have is camera/phone?  What Hell it must be to spend a lifetime trying to vindicate oneself in the face of ridicule, doubt and scorn.  At least Capt. Ahab had multiple witnesses and proof of the great white whale…  No one doubted that his obsession existed, and had only his compulsion to contend with…  


2 thoughts on “And off he goes!!

  1. Yup. The analogy to Moby Dick is about as spot-on as spots on a leopard can get! But I’ve been noticing, especially in the actual b/w dailies, how the style of the art has been shifting, taking on more of a wood-cut style of illustration or comic books of the 1960s.
    The other issue is Genie’s continually evolving face. It’s as if this trek is aging her before our very eyes. Or somebody different is doing the inking.

    • Noticed the change in artwork too. Very strange. The artwork has never been the problem. The big question: Can he draw a woman in a bikini?

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