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All’s well?

Excuse me, Mark?  As “WE had hoped?” You were nothing but a buzzkill the entire trip…  You love being right!!


So as Harvey Camel contributes to the unrecovered body count in the greater Nepalese range, Mark better take some selfies or something, or else he won’t have anything to use when he sets about writing his article…


One thought on “All’s well?

  1. Well, this is a first. The woman didn’t make a pass at Mark; quite the opposite, in fact. And don’t you just LOVE Allen’s transitions from one place and time to another? No Sherpa rescue attempt? No problems on the way back? What about the abandoned land rover?

    I notice that they are both back wearing, more or less, the same clothes they had when they met at the airport. I suppose that’s to be expected when traveling, of course. Have to make room in the backpack for tents, lanterns, mattresses, food, and flashlights. But apparently NOT cameras, recording equipment, notepads, laptops, or sat phones.

    Maybe we’ve uncovered the secret to Mark’s popular articles: He goes home and just makes up a bunch of exciting-sounding B.S., with photos pulled off the Internet.

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