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What a heartbreaker!

As Mark successfully navigates another would-be female suitor, he bids farewell…  We’ll probably be in Lost Forest by tomorrow.

Panel three is goofy.  That’s a really weird hand-shake, there, almost one that is trying to avoid cooties… and Genie appears to be breaking to 4th wall, peering into the eyes of audience/ camera, Ferris Bueller style.  Mark’s smile is one that I have never seen before…


3 thoughts on “What a heartbreaker!

  1. Well, we are left wondering if an official investigation and search was ever done to recover Camel’s body. Seems rather cavalier that Mark and Genie just assume he’s gone (like the busted land rover and all of their original supplies left for whomever wandered by the wreck).

    Wouldn’t it be an interesting followup story that Camel does survive (found by some other Sherpas, perhaps), gets nursed back to health, and goes on the Revenge Trail against Genie and Mark for abandoning him to his fate. I think I’d be rooting for him, too.

  2. Maybe Camel joins up with Dirty Dyer to go after Mark. Speaking of which, maybe we get to find out what Dirty has been up.

  3. That story was really alot of hiking for zilch. At least it did not stretch into next Summer like some. Give me some flapjacks and a canoe!

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