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Concerned about Rusty? Ha! That’s a good one!!

Ah, it’s time to gather around the Ol’ Hearth at Lost Forest!


Not to mention taking credit for stock photographs you might find!!


Doesn’t Cherry have a proper seat?  Why is she perched on the wooden arm rest with her arm around her dad?  That’s kind of creepy… The Look on Doc’s face would suggest he is quite uncomfortable with the situation…


Thanks for the public service announcement, but oh Cherry, you have no idea what Rusty is up to on the internet…  I shudder to think what is going on behind his closed bedroom door!


3 thoughts on “Concerned about Rusty? Ha! That’s a good one!!

  1. So, that entire excruciating storyline about Crazy Camel and the Yeti was all in service of warning about the dangers of online comments to the comics section? Have we even seen an electronic device in Lost Forest? Do they have Internet access there? I have little hair left to pull out…

  2. Of course Mark can only TELL his readers about his adventures because he has no photos to show. And not talking about the yeti might not be the best strategy, given that the magazine financed the entire expedition.

    As for Doc and Cherry, notice how out of proportion docs head is compared with his body, as if they simply cut and pasted the head from a different strip. Still a bit creepy.

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