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Catching up… and a Sunday extra…

We still find Doc’s abnormally large head perched atop his withering frame…


…but what in the good golly gosh is going on with Cherry’s hips?  I know it’s not polite to point and ask, but really?

And now onto really weird stuff…


I don’t often look at the Sunday installment as it has nothing to do with the ongoing “stories,” but look at the artwork here.  James Allen is still putting his name to it, but I’m not buying it.  On top of it all, Mark looks like he is showing some gray in his hair… What th-?!


…but OK, back to our new story line… Mark seems to think he can do anything he wants in the name of the magazine… but wait, did the ‘Camel’ expose just magically write itself?


Yes, Rusty, that’s the same Mr. Aldridge.  <…insert snarky comment related to inappropriate youth interactions here…> It’s good that this came along, it’s been some time since Cherry had the place to herself, or at least without Rusty…


Involved in what, Mark?  And if I’m not mistaken, Mark’s backpack is bigger than the one he had in the Himalayas!


Ick.  Really?  Frank and Ellie look barely old enough to be out of High School, let alone parents to a child that might be Rusty’s age.  And where is Rusty anyway?  Did Mark forget him at home?


2 thoughts on “Catching up… and a Sunday extra…

  1. OK. This is getting really weird already
    Why did Geoff Aldridge call about Rusty?
    Does he consider him to be a “troubled child”? Maybe a neglected, lonely little weirdo and a potential camping buddy?
    And Trail just invites himself along, seemingly not knowing any of these people. Now the young, creepy looking parent chaperones. What the hell?
    At least Cherry got rid of Mark and Rusty too. She’ll be open for business again. Every randy debaucher in Lost Forest will be filing in through the back door.

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