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Bobber and a spoon?

As we rejoin the kids, AiT is still hard at it making “Homeless Kid” feel bad…  (Sorry I am too lazy to learn these names…)


Goody McGoodson to the rescue…


Braggart!  Liar!  No he doesn’t…  Your “dad” is hardly ever home, Rusty!


Well, well… the fish are biting!  What do you know…  it’s a lip-set, though…  careful not to pull too hard…




2 thoughts on “Bobber and a spoon?

  1. If you were to show that panel with Rusty to another Mark Trail reader who is a few weeks behind, they would never, ever guess it was him.

    And how is it that in the first and second strips, it is the Camp Leader helping Kevin. But in the third strip Mark suddenly horns in (apparently pushing Camp Leader out of the way) so he can grab some of the kid’s glory.

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