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Emotional Distancing

Well, well.  I have to admit that this whole thing becomes a bit of a chore.  It’s not like I don’t have time, being sequestered and all… No not quarantined as that would imply that I was one of the unfortunate to have fallen to SARS COV-2 and wracked with the resulting COVID-19 disease.  My secret wish, probably shared, is that I might be one of the fortunate to actually have been exposed and experiencing no symptoms- but then I am still a carrier and have to stay with the protocol…  In this current strip, clearly there is no social or physical distance being maintained- perhaps only emotionally stunted behavior by Eric…


Let’s suppose for a minute that Eric is also adopted.  One might then have a certain amount of sympathy for his insecurity and resulting awful behavior…  As Kevin (convincingly) professes his innocence…


But before we judge Eric too harshly, we have no idea where he came from or where he is right now.  Let’s assume that his parents, who are big hearted enough to have joined this cause, would not have raised a monster.  Let’s rather assume that Eric is still a work in progress, looking to overcome years of poor or (worse) absent parenting…


So as Kevin takes leave of Eric, and as Eric looks more than pleased with the outcome, Rusty happens to have heard this exchange?  Had to get up to take a leak? Ah Rusty… you have been maligned over the years, a kidnapping victim many times over, the butt end of many a joke, but it would seem that you are in a place to be a featured character in a tale loaded with lessons and morals.  We shall see…


3 thoughts on “Emotional Distancing

  1. Hah! Rusty IS taking over, after all. Heh Heh.

    Well, Dennis, that’s a nice, nuanced approach to Eric. He just might be an adopted kid, as well, based on his defensive attacks on Kevin. Perhaps, when the usual climatic crisis turns up, Kevin winds up helping/saving Eric and everybody becomes fast friends.

    On a personal note, glad to read you and your family are fine, as I am and my family. Glad this isn’t 1918.

  2. Whoopee. The last strip leaves the artistic identity crisis behind. Much more detailed background and characters.

    Also glad to hear my friends here are doing well. Things are boring, but safe in here California. Great timing for spring cleaning and video cocktail parties.

    Be well all.

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