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Eric, you are an idiot!

Look!  A Campfire!  A Pretty Campfire!!   Ha!  That’s funny!


By these strips it’s not clear whether Mark and the Crowleys are together or not…  I guess they are?


But which way are you running Rusty?  Toward the fire or away?  Looks like you are surrounded.  Meanwhile, Papa Crowley makes a choice… and Mama Crowley doesn’t seem to like it…


Oh the suspense.  Oh the drama.  I can hardly stand it.


2 thoughts on “Eric, you are an idiot!

  1. Mark Trail has gotten so God-Awful. Nothing like I remember as a kid growing up. Not only are the story lines boring and excruciating but the art work is becoming bizarre. Ed Dodd would be rolling in his grave. It really is very sad. I check this blog every day but I sense my fellow Minnesota author of this blog is weary of the story lines as well. I think Allen needs to summon the spirit of Elrod and go back to what made this comic a mainstay. By the way, Star Tribune prints this in black & white, so the latest series is un-readable. Enough said.

  2. Thanks, Mark. Yes, I have made similar feelings known both directly and indirectly. At first it was a “What-th-?!” or two, now it’s full blown “WTF?!” If I recall, it was the cave odyssey that first introduced the tedium that is now the hallmark of every story arc. Used to be 70-odd days and we’d have a story wrapped up, Mark would return to Lost Forest, get a little pickle tickle, suggest that he and Rusty go fishing at some point, and off he’d go again. With all the random artwork of late, we can only assume that we are trying to pass the mantle again… I hope it’s clear to the Syndicate that artistic talent needs to meet story telling again. I make an entry every 3 days or so in order to have something to write about. Yes, this has become a bit of a chore…

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