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Swamp Thing??

Or Zombie Apocalypse??  The first frame looks a little foreboding if you ask me… 


…And of course it’s ALL_ABOUT_KEVIN… Good Lord.

Is this where we get off?  The end of the story?  I’d say “yes!” except that means we have to warm to the notion that there is another, and another after that…  Funny how I used to feel anticipation at the end of a story arc… now I just feel dread.


3 thoughts on “Swamp Thing??

  1. Well, I have to admit that the first panel presents a well-conceived dramatic effect. I presume that the group is materializing out of the ash and smoke of the oncoming forest fire. It is a bit disconcerting that the ash and smoke does not seem to have affected the kid in panel two. And again, nobody is coughing, or moving with any kind of urgency.

    This reminds me: Ever since Cherry married Mark she keeps getting left out of the adventures. She’s just a vignette between the acts of the play called “The Adventures of Mark Trail!” But I’m holding out hope that she will get her due. Perhaps Dirty Dyer will finally show up one time when Mark is on assignment and kidnap Cherry and Doc…. But that is a song I think we’ve sung before.

    And if habit repeats itself, we’ll have one or two strips of Trail and the gang congratulating each other for surviving; then a tearful Kevin hoisted on Eric’s shoulders, as he discovers the Crowleys are going to adopt him, after all! And then…we’re magically transported back to Lost Forest, where Cherry hears about another great adventure she missed, as the telephone rings.

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