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From Raging Inferno to…

Perhaps it’s just me, but I believe we were to have the impression that the lighting strike combined with a drought produced forest fire of epic proportion…


…but no, apparently not…


…it was brought under control by four dudes from the Forest service…  So, given the relative lack of severity, what exactly did they all “make it out of” anyway?


One thought on “From Raging Inferno to…

  1. And don’t forget the airplane that appeared almost immediately and dropped flame retardant. It must have been sitting around on a nearby tarmac by sheer happenstance, loaded and ready to fly!

    But, I’m being petty. We really have no idea just how long the timeline is. It SEEMED like a fairly short episode, but it’s not as if Allen is inserting post-in notes, like “Later on…” or “Much later….”

    It’s like watching an episode of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles” where the team gets a case, chases around LA, interrogates witnesses and suspects, and seems to wrap up the case in one day; just in time for Happy Hour at Kensi’s and Marty’s bar.

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