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Well… certainly didn’t see THAT one coming…

Now that we are all focused on the Crowleys and their growing family, while also enduring another close-up of Dopey McDope-face…


Little Kevin’s dream just came true!


But wait, little guy… I am sure there is paperwork to fill out!!  But then I am sure that this isn’t the Crowley’s first rodeo with adoption.  I’m sure it will all work out fine…


Now can we just get the hell out of here?  And can we find someone who can draw??  That final panel doesn’t even look like Mark!!

Here’s an idea- just start running old Dodd-Elrod strips on a daily basis.  The sense of relief would be palpable across the Trailverse.  This latest story has everyone a little twitchy…


2 thoughts on “Well… certainly didn’t see THAT one coming…

  1. I share your frustration with the artwork and the writing. It seems as if James Allen is trying to put his on spin on the artwork, but it is simplistic, overly cartoonish and incredibly inconsistent — and consistency, in my opinion, is the key to being a good cartoonist. There are so many incredible artists and writers who could do justice to this material. It’s sad when you read a strip just to see how bad it is as opposed to enjoying the product. There, I feel better now.

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