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Who are these people?!

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again… Hell, I have probably even used this title before…  but really?  Look at the three pictures of Mark Trail.  It could be three different people, but for the annoying and always-available pink chamois-cloth shirt…


I don’t know that I ever particularly cared about Mark and his family, but now I have generated actual disdain… I know… Lighten up, Francis…


Who if Geoff talking to in the left hand frame?  And Rusty, best ever?  Greatest of All Time?  (That’s what GOAT stands for, you know, when you see it- took me a while figure that one out…)  Mr. Wizard, get me out of here…


One thought on “Who are these people?!

  1. Leave it to Mark to ensure the event ends on a low note, and a rather insincere note at that, given how his adventures almost always turn out. But spunky Rusty knows a good time and is happy to let everybody else know, including “Dad”. He got another co-starring role, and one where he is more than the clueless yokel in he played in “The Adventure of the Weird Stolen Antiquities.”

    I reckon Mark will have to have a heart-to-heart with Rusty in order to discourage any adventurous spirit in Rusty and turn him into just another compliant, if male, version of Cherry, the dutiful wife. Rusty will be another “someone” who will forever be happy to wait in Lost Forest for Mark to come home from another wild and crazy adventure for a few days, take him down to the fishing hole for a few hours, then watch as “Dad” leaves again, after getting another phone call from Bill Ellis.

    But, we now say “Adios!” to another thrilling Mark Trail Adventure! And we also await the results of James Allen’s “Adventures in Auditioning Mark Trail fill-in artists.” We’ve certainly seen some adventurous attempts at drawing the Trailverse over the past 3 months. Perhaps the rumors of Allen’s taking time off to help a family member in distress were accurate. Not a surprise in this virus-filled time. If true, let’s all hope there was a successful recovery, and that Allen soon returns with his clip-art style we’ve all come to expect and appreciate.

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