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Mark, do you ever grow tired of knowing everything?

The look on Rusty’s face says it all… Really, Dad?  Yet another topic upon which you can claim expertise?


Rusty, you are a patient soul…


What, Andy’s been gone a day?  Police won’t even file a missing person report that fast!  It is kind of Cherry to encourage him, though.


And here we are back at Cutter’s Bluff, a familiar sight for all avid Trailians.  Not to mention Rex, the ill-tempered grizzly who saved mark from a certain end years ago…


So this little lesson should wrap up pretty soon, with the mystery intact since there’s no way for Andy to tell his humans what he was up to…


One thought on “Mark, do you ever grow tired of knowing everything?

  1. Isn’t that cute, Our Little Rusty is going to print flyers for his lost dog. Okay, we’ll assume that there is a computer and a printer somewhere in the cabin. Never mind that this is the 21st century and he’d be better off posting messages on Facebook, NextDoor, or Twitter.

    But this is the Trailverse which exists in its own time and space. I’m almost surprised that Mark didn’t say “Better let me set up the mimeograph machine, Rusty!”

    But, where is Rusty going to post his flyers? Some possibilities:
    a. on trees scattered around Lost Forest (so environmental!)
    b. on the window of the corner grocery in whatever town is nearby
    c. in bottles thrown into the nearby lake (another action Mark would surely support)

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