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Put a fork in it…

…it’s done.  Overdone.


This has been a blessedly short “story.”  But that’s the point.  We are so bereft of plot under the Allen regime, we are left with dragging nature lessons and factoids through the daily strips.

We experimented with different styles of art during the “Kids Kamping” storyline, and then the best we can do, when it appears that the artistic standards have been re-established (although not clear whether it’s Allen’s actual pen or not) we are reminded that this strip really has nothing to offer.  And it’s not just pining for poachers and flapjacks (although that would be nice) it’s that there’s really nothing worth following here.

Which leads me to this:  Where the hell is Chris “Dirty” Dyer?  Raised from the dead, no compunction about killing, a score to settle.  Why hasn’t he come back into the picture?  We last saw him testing flame throwers on some secluded Caribbean Island while recruiting a man-servant.  And when was the last time we have seen Mark land a left hook?  Policing is under deserved scrutiny these days, but I would think that comic strip vigilantism would be on the rise!


3 thoughts on “Put a fork in it…

  1. Didn’t realize that there’s an entire Trail compound in Lost Forest. Not like the Kennedy compound in Hyannis. More like the Branch Davidian compound in Waco?

  2. Amen!

    And does that REALLY look like Andy? Not to me, though a passing resemblance, perhaps. So, if the scent is getting stronger, why isn’t Andy moving any longer? Perhaps Andy is having second thoughts about returning to this ‘middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, between the pit of [a dog]’s fears and the summit of his knowledge’, as he is about to re-enter The Trail Zone.

    RUN, ANDY! RUN! RUN AWAY WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Marmaduke got his own strip, so maybe you can, too!

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