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The Triumphant Return

Yes, Mark, as you have been saying, ad nauseum…


Boom!  Right on cue!


Let the chorus ring out!


Took the words out of my mouth, Rusty (from a few days ago…)  Boy!  Such tension!  Such intrigue!!  Where do we go from here??


One thought on “The Triumphant Return

  1. Sure doesn’t take much to create excitement in Lost Forest. SO, we haven’t seen Doc for awhile (meaning “yesterday”), I suppose that he had to remain in bed to calm his nerves after this stressful, overnight adventure.

    Heck, too bad that Andy didn’t wind up a few states away, so he could have a real “Lassie Comes Home” adventure. Allen could have stretched this out for a good 4-5 months by simply adapting the plot of the original movie. With that much time, even Mark would have run out of things to say about dogs.

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