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Note that Mark has always been just a little callous…

With Andy and Tabby caught in the deer trap, we see them from inside. The dimensions of the trap have grown enormously, looking more like the inside of a cabin than the 4x4x8 foot deep enclosure that sprang closed on them…

Tabby, you really are useless. Is it any wonder your former owners abandoned you to a new fate? Other than the smile on your face, what good are you? Tell me whose life is better since your arrival… Certainly not Andy’s!

Meanwhile, back at Lost Forest…

“Crawled under a rock?” That’s interesting phrasing Mark… How about “They probably found shelter” or something like that…

Cherry is doing her job – worrying. Mark is doing his job – maintaining denial. Andy is doing his job (important for a working breed) – staying trapped and raising the level of anxiety. Well done, Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Note that Mark has always been just a little callous…

  1. Don’t forget Cherry and Rusty doing their job of painting their hair with fresh blood. If they only do it long enough, unspeakable eldritch horrors will finally arise and rid them of Mark! And if the authorities ask questions, well, he just crawled under a rock. Works every time, doesn’t it.

  2. Department of Trivial Observations:
    Hero worship? Rusty gets his sideburns edged the same way Mark does in these reprinted, older strips, something I have not seen in more recent work.

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