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Another thing that happened in 1981- WHAM! (the Pop Duo) formed and well, the rest is history… Wake me up before you go-go!

…so as Andy finds himself incarcerated in the deer trap (is there/was there ever really such a thing? For what purpose would there be a deer-sized live- trap?? Forced relocation? Poaching?)

Anyway, like I said, he’ll be in there for a while… so lean back, Trail-heads, there’s a long haul ahead.


One thought on “WHAM!

  1. Last story
    James gave it a start
    But a tweet went astray
    And sank it away
    This here
    I have some fear
    Will lead to nothing special

    Once bitten
    By wild dogs, sigh
    Andy bleeds white, or maybe a pittance
    From legs and flank and below the eye
    Tell me Tabby
    Went didn’t you just climb a tree?
    It would have saved Andy
    From whatever this might be.

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