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Vocalizing! A Trail Trait!

Tom the Jr. Ranger makes a startling discovery! And let’s the world know about it!! I wonder if this is the first time he has found something other that a deer in his deer trap? Or is there a sign on the trap that says, “Deer Only?”

Vocalization, as compared to thought balloons, is a feature of the Trailverse. Why leave people wondering what’s on your mind when you can just spit it out?!

Another thing comes to mind- This story is wrapping up in a decidedly non-Allenesque timeframe… What’s it been? A week? If this were driven by the latest, now former steward of the franchise, we would have had to endure weeks of (non) action while Andy moldered in the dank box…

And it’s a good thing that there is a Veterinarian in the house… Doc Davis! Well, he’ll have Andy pumped full of fluids in no time…


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