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Listen to the Lady, Mark…

I see how this is going to be… Mark, the man, is going to be asked to acknowledge his own limitations on a daily basis. While not necessarily emasculating, it’s going to be different that Mark Trail of yore… although I do like Cherry’s suggestion…

Not only doesn’t it rhyme, I am guessing your 4th grade grammar teacher is rolling in her coffin right about now!

Writer’s Note: Not only am I being asked to consume Mark Trail with a new set of expectations, but WordPress continues to create all kinds of issues- like having to enter through an incognito window in order to save the blog entry… which means I have to log in every time, including two-factor codes, any time I wish to make or edit an entry… I checked the google, and it’s a thing, but it would strike me that this wasn’t intended…

2020- such is the way. I wonder if Nostradamus saw any of this coming?


4 thoughts on “Listen to the Lady, Mark…

  1. WordPress and Blogger both seem to want to drive away their users now. I wonder why.

    Nostradamus wrote cookbooks. However, among his quatrains I came across this:

    In the forest, the Speaking One
    Throws down Satan, in black and red
    A fruit meanwhile harangues haughtily
    From below a half shaved head.

  2. I can see this strip is going to be like Archie & Jughead back in the day. Which was not one of my favorites. However, I’ll see how it develops! One thing about the Star Tribune here in the cities. As a cost getting measure they have shrunk the comics down to a point where you need a magnifying glass for the Sunday edition. Since Mark & Sherry (Cherry now) are much more chatty than Mark of yore the dialog is damn near illegible. The weekday strips are tiny as well.

  3. Let’s give it some time. Ever gone back and re-watched the first few episodes of any Star Trek series? It’s obvious the show is looking to find itself. Same here, give Rivera a few months. It’s not like this will be a new “Nancy!”

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