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The Ol’ Mouse in the Milk Can?

I wonder why Mark is bereft of assignments… Could it be he’s a free-lance writer/blogger/vlogger in the new gig economy? Well, anyone reading this blog knows that monetizing this kind of activity isn’t as easy as the “experts” suggest… for every “influencer” out there making bank, there are literally millions not “making it.”

But good for you, Cherry. With your brains and Mark’s sweet back-side, how can you guys lose?

Boy, I am going to learn a lot reading this strip! That’s a euphemism unfamiliar to me… and apparently to Google, since the only results are related to milking mice


One thought on “The Ol’ Mouse in the Milk Can?

  1. At this point, “Ugh!”. Cherry chides Mark on his outdated language, only to see the two of them indulge in the kind of contrived dialog found only in second-rate movies and reality shows. For a landscapist and someone who lives in Lost Forest, Cherry has turned into a stereotypical suburban princess.

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