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Something Old, Something New…

I normally don’t check the Sunday offering, but out of curiosity (and as pointed out by Faithful Reader George) I was wondering about what this part of the Trailverse would look like, and here we find Jack Elrod’s take on the common Chipmunk (part of the Squirrel family?) auditioning for a Lifetime special on hoarding.

For what it’s worth, I have personally witnessed a chipmunk make off with a dying Sunfish, left on the shore at the cabin. Gathering yes, but clearly something that would “go bad” if not consumed in real-time…

Speaking of something going bad in real time… we now go to Mark and Bill Ellis talking about potential assignments… with a nod to the age of COVID…

Ha ha! It’s funny because Mark has whiskers!

HA! I see what you did there, Julz… A little not-so-vague reference to (probably) the best known and hated offering of the Allen regime… OK, come out swinging, I guess, but that approach might not work out so well…

Perhaps maybe more important is the fact that Mark is now a verified member of the Gig Economy… Something that I have wondered about over the course of this blog- whether Mark was salaried or paid by the Article… Well, there’s no guessing about that now…

Uh oh… Mark NOT happy… and goes to a dark place… and a cautionary lesson in expectations, which drive satisfaction and (more often) disappointment. Best to keep them moderated…

2 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New…

  1. I’m enjoying the artwork or at least giving it a solid chance, however, I wish mark wasn’t so expressive. Come on man! Where is that Mark Trail stoic confidence!?

  2. Well, I LIKE what Julz is doing here with the mergers and floating assignments, along with Mark’s realization that life as he/we knew it is probably over. I especially like the some of the contemporary comic art techniques she employs, such as the Will Elder-inspired “wall of text” thought balloon running behind Mark in the third panel in what seems to be a metaphor for his likely isolation and obsolescence. (Oh gawd, look at me writing this shite!) But I’m still not sure if the coloring is hers, as dailies are not normally colored. That may have changed these days.

    Say, did you see the cast of characters on the KFS site?

    We get a glimpse of Doc and his expanded persona (which shoots down my Biking-Vet-in-the-Coffee-Shop idea), as well as a brief bio of “the new gal on the block”, the editor of the dreaded “Teen Sparkle” magazine!

    Should be fun times ahead, I think!!

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