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I’m laughing… I am actually laughing…

In the old days, we never really had much to go on as it related to Mark’s psyche… In fact, it was always assumed that his brain consisted of a fairly shallow pool of emotional intelligence paired with a deep, endless reservoir of arcane and useless knowledge of the Natural world…

But now… oh my. We see his brain whip-sawing back and forth imagining all kinds of things. But with his square jaw firmly set, and in consideration of the fact that he’s got nothing else going on, and with his livelihood and self esteem on the line, Mark relents and dives in!


3 thoughts on “I’m laughing… I am actually laughing…

  1. Well, I read what she said. Good for her! I’m all for Mark to be concerned about climate change. I am certainly following this with great curiosity. No sense looking back. We have a new author. Time will tell. Maybe she will give us some lessons.

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