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The Graphic Novelist Emerges…

…If not the Gothic Novelist… I see whispers of Mary Shelley emerging…

Happy Trail Farms? More playing with words! In Florida, no less…

Glad to see some of you returning to take a look… out of morbid curiosity (at least…)


3 thoughts on “The Graphic Novelist Emerges…

  1. I’m guessing by the panicked look on Mark’s face he just remembered that he left his balls back in Lost Forest, rendering him totally unable to punch bad guys. These new illustrations are just awful.

  2. Nice connection on that “Frankenstein” meme, Dennis. As for Rivera’s style, it is definitely part of the larger “graphic novelist” aesthetic usually seen only in the non-mainstream comics. And it definitely IS a big change from Trail Tradition!

    However, we might want to approach Mark Trail’s new look in the same way Star Trek handles the ever-changing depictions of Klingons: Life is always changing; so try and keep up!

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