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But has he heard of it??

Marks reaction is telling!

Whoa! But wait! A strangely meta-experience is about to unfold!

Is Mark looking in a mirror? Does he feel strangely connected to this story already? I can tell all of you now, I am just touch confused by it all. But then again, Mark can’t see what Amy “Foxy” Lee is imagining. It’s all being described and shown for the viewer’s benefit, but Mark is being left in the, how you say, dark… and goes back to a dark place.


3 thoughts on “But has he heard of it??

  1. Okay, so we have more of Rivera riffing on the Mark Trail Brand, so to speak, with what looks like a montage of Mark’s artistic evolution in panel 2 of the second strip: posing as a dynasty of “nature dudes.” We move on to Marcus “Happy” Trail doing commercials in panel 3.

    So, what is Happy Trails Farm and Happy Trail Mix? Are they metaphors of the strip’s recent murky history? Or perhaps a legitimate, if coincidentally-named, company that has fallen afoul of the law? Or maybe it has something directly related to Mark’s earlier life.

    And what about those night-time cut-away scenes of a young lad, running away during a storm from Happy Trails Farm? Could this be the origin of our Mark Trail? Could the so-called scandal have anything to do with Mark’s early life under the control of his father? Does Amy Lee know, or suspect, the connection?

    I refer you back to panel one in the October 24 strip, where Amy casts a strong, cynical look, as she introduces the assignment to Mark. This story could get very interesting.

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