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The Return of Kelly Welly!

To start with, don’t motorcycles, especially crotch-rockets, go “Beeeep!” as opposed to Honk!?”

Kelly Welly, for the uninitiated or forgetful, is always “competing with Mark, trying to “scoop” him on stories that he has been assigned. She is a perpetual thorn in Mark’s side, placing him in compromising situations, always suggesting that there might be a “thing” going on between them…

What always occurred to me (in the old Mark Trail) is that poor Kelly was just a lady trying to break into what was traditionally a man’s place- the overly male-dominated and testosterone-infused world of journalism… That Mark always “got the assignment” even though she was eager, available and for all we know, qualified to do the work…


2 thoughts on “The Return of Kelly Welly!

  1. Well, first couple weeks impressions. We have kind of vague, colored backgrounds. No wildlife panel of a bird or squirrel listening to the commentary. I have a hunch the story line may go on even longer than Allen’s. Mark seems a bit out of sorts and easily distracted. I’m not sure if the snake is a regular character or not. I’ll just see how this all develops. Maybe this Sunday we can see how that will go. All in all, I just a bit baffled.

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