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The Return of Kelly Welly!

To start with, don’t motorcycles, especially crotch-rockets, go “Beeeep!” as opposed to Honk!?”

Kelly Welly, for the uninitiated or forgetful, is always “competing with Mark, trying to “scoop” him on stories that he has been assigned. She is a perpetual thorn in Mark’s side, placing him in compromising situations, always suggesting that there might be a “thing” going on between them…

What always occurred to me (in the old Mark Trail) is that poor Kelly was just a lady trying to break into what was traditionally a man’s place- the overly male-dominated and testosterone-infused world of journalism… That Mark always “got the assignment” even though she was eager, available and for all we know, qualified to do the work…

One thought on “The Return of Kelly Welly!

  1. Well, first couple weeks impressions. We have kind of vague, colored backgrounds. No wildlife panel of a bird or squirrel listening to the commentary. I have a hunch the story line may go on even longer than Allen’s. Mark seems a bit out of sorts and easily distracted. I’m not sure if the snake is a regular character or not. I’ll just see how this all develops. Maybe this Sunday we can see how that will go. All in all, I just a bit baffled.

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