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A long walk…

…and today we land the plane…

Enough with the non-sequiturs and vague references… One would have had to be following very closely to keep up with the back and forth going on ever since Mark left Lost Forest for a walk, ran into Kelly Welly, conferred with Ralph the Rat Snake, was interrogated by Cherry and hopped into his car…And now we find ourselves in the humble abode of Roger, Jolly (‘Jolly’ apparently his first name, ‘Roger’ the surname…) in order to have this all spelled out for us. Mark’s dad was (is?) the evilest of evil- a profit motivated Robber Baron who stole land for… his own use in a commercial enterprise <Trademark> Happy Trails.


2 thoughts on “A long walk…

  1. To say nothing of the parallel Cherry-Doc story arc. But so true, Dennis. In addition, it feels like just the opposite of Allen’s slow story pacing, doesn’t it!? It’s not quite the jumpy, quick speed-cut scenes in the music videos popularized by MTV back in the ’80s (and still very popular in tv and movies); but missing a week’s worth of Mark Trail strips now may definitely put you at a disadvantage.

    But, like a good music composer, I hope Jules makes effective (and selective) use of tempo changes in her story pacing and plotting.

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