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Uh oh… Looks like Doc has a past…

Sins of the father and all that… left for the children to clean up? Except Doc is still alive??

Handle business?? What? We are about to meet up with the seamy underbelly of the Davis clan? Nestled in Florida? Where Mark happens to be going to research a story that could well reveal parts of his past? This has all the makings of an Allen yarn, notably the one about smuggling artifacts, where we weren’t quite sure who the bad guys were until the end… But I hate to draw those comparisons quite this quickly. We are, after all, mere days/ weeks into this. Prelude, as it were…


One thought on “Uh oh… Looks like Doc has a past…

  1. Sorry Trail Heads. This just new writer is just not working for me. I will always check out Dennis’s blog. However, this comic to me is pathetic. It does not even remotely reflect Mark Trail. I am not sure what it is yet or where she is going with it. I’d rather take a 3 month cave adventure than this. I am open minded and receptive but this is really getting very odd. This may be one of my last posts as I can offer no contribution that would carry on a constructive opinion beyond with what I am saying. Bottom line…I think the strip Sucks. I’ll look at her Sunday strip & watch the Masters. Carry on!

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