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uhhh… Speechless

I am back to taking my Trail medicine in doses of three…

Mark, you are now officially an SMW (Social Media Whore,) or more accurately a wanna-be. Who talks to animals…

…who show you no respect whatsoever. Can’t really decide what happened in the last panel above, but at least Mark isn’t blind… But what is Mark in Mark’s past? What’s he running from?? I guess that’s the mystery now.

Cute Mark, keep it up. You will be the darling of the internet in no time! Ironic that Old Mark was so dismissive of the Cryptozoologist chasing Yeti… The New Mark would give his right leg for that many followers…


2 thoughts on “uhhh… Speechless

  1. Good link to the doomed Yeti Searcher, Dennis.

    Unless these animal conversations are just visual metaphors of Mark’s decision-making process, it looks like Mark has developed a “Dr. Doolittle” skill that, so far, has not done him much good.

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