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Kind of makes you wonder how Mark and Cherry met…

Oh, that’s right… we know! Back in 1946, Mark thought Cherry was being chased by a bear, only to find out that Cherry and the Bear were just frolicking…

Of course Cherry was modeled after an Ava Gardner or some other Matinee idol of the day…

But back to the latest re-boot… Looks like Cherry has some truth-telling of her own to do!

What?! Well, this is going to be interesting! An entire Family Tree put on its ear!


One thought on “Kind of makes you wonder how Mark and Cherry met…

  1. Dennis, Love this history strip. I’m really not that old, but just miss the artwork and meaning of the old Mark Trail. It’s just the old boy scout in me. I loved camping, fishing and hunting. That’s why I enjoyed the strip so much. I wish the new cartoonist the best, however, she is on a tangent that I do not feel is in the spirit of why we have all followed this strip. The art work is lacking. The story line is geared towards I’m not sure! Not adults over 20. However, we shall persevere and follow. My opinion is the powers that be made a poor decision as Allen’s replacement. George can weigh in as well. Sometimes nostalgic is what we need in life to calm the strife we are currently in. Snakes & tree frogs seem to be the mainstay.

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