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Slave to Clicks…

…and to tree frogs…

…and to Pythons, apparently.

What I don’t understand is that Mark drives to some dark swamp, gets a ride on an airboat, hooks up with this “Jolly Roger” dude, whose first name is apparently “Jolly,” who dons a poncho despite just having been in the water, who just made some off-handed remark about having his land stolen from him (by Mark’s father) and now Mark is wading, chest-deep, with poncho on, into a constrictor- laced pond? All this makes total sense… right? Whispers of the Allen yarn featuring under-cover CIA operatives posing as Sleepy Joe and either Cheech or Chong … delivery truck driver and biker in Central America chasing Rusty and his would-be girlfriend Mara around…

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