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As promised, Manatees… and Boat issues

Enter the Sea Cow… and Mark’s gift for talking under water…

Poor scarred Marky… his father let him down time and again, leaving him with a plethora of unresolved “Daddy Issues.” Maybe Mark should have declined the assignment after all… but then there wouldn’t be any story to tell…

…And we have been in the “Speed Boat” for days now, but somehow haven’t cleared the dock?

Lame reference and bad joke, Jules.



3 thoughts on “As promised, Manatees… and Boat issues

  1. Wow. Where to begin…or, continue where Dennis left off?
    1. Nicely rendered chest hair in the Sunday strip.
    2. Interesting that “Daddy” Mark is the traditional Mark Trail, but we’ve seen that before; and New-Age Markey is telling “us” that our traditional Mark Trail was a liar and hypocrite.
    3. I continue to appreciate the compositional skills of Jules. Her different “viewpoints” bring a refreshing look to the strip.
    4. However, it is only in color that I can appreciate (or understand) the drawing, since in b&w format—which is how print newspapers show the dailies—the inking is harsh and sometimes difficult to figure out at times. The last strip above is a prime example, though I cannot post the b/w strip, itself.
    5. Clearly, both Cherry and Markey need anger management therapy right away. Think of poor Rusty and how this must be affecting his own development!
    6. I can’t wait to see the next installment. Will Markey get arrested by the police for willful destruction, reckless boating, and theft?

  2. I’m glad you are looking forward tho the strip! It basically is unreadable for me now. I don’t know if the decision makers read this but my suggestion is to retire the Mark Trail strip with a honorable burial. I think it only fair to the creator. This is now an abomination of the strip. As I said earlier, I look at it now just to see, in a morbid way, how absolutely awful the artwork & story line has become. My prediction is there are other Trail Heads like me. I do not think Jules will be sopping this trash out in one more year. From what I have read, others feel the same way. Dennis does a wonderful job. Love this blog! He has coped wonderfully with the change. Loved how he ended today’s….. “sigh”.

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