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Abandon Ship?

As Mark continues to attempt his escape from the law, he sees his chance…

But not without smashing “Happy Sails” one last time…

Well, this brings a new definition to the notion of a Fireworks “Cake!”

Good bye, Happy Sails. See ya, helicopter. Adios, cruel world… What, is Mark going to hitch a ride with Mr. Shark? Learn how to breathe underwater (we saw him talk there a while back…)? Arriving with a Bang, I’d say, Ms. Rivera!


6 thoughts on “Abandon Ship?

  1. Yow!
    Distracted from following for a week or so and then come back to this! It sure ain’t the old Mark Trail.
    Although I have been enjoying Ms. Rivera’s take on the Sunday eco-edu-tainment strips.

  2. The escalation of Mark’s illegal behavior makes me think this is a dream sequence. You can’t have the main character in jail for a couple decades, or this becomes Cherry Trail.

  3. What the hell is a fireworks yacht!? And why would it be sitting out there at this time, whatever “this time” is? I mean, I know you can rent yachts to watch fireworks shows, but storing or launching fireworks from a yacht doesn’t sound terribly safe, especially the way they are stored on the yacht Mark ran into. I mean, if you can see a giant tub of fireworks on a yacht you are running into at high speed, then there is something seriously more wrong than Mark’s complete lack of self control.

    This sure beats anything Allen ever came up with for weird storylines.

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