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Enter the Welly!

Let’s check out the Sunday Lesson! Important “Tips” to consider whilst wading in the surf! As overnight and daytime temps get stuck in the single digits, this looks pretty inviting…

Haha… I see what you did there… a little pop-culture reference to a TV show that overstayed its welcome! Certainly can’t accuse Mark Trail of that, can we??

Meanwhile, back to The Fugitive, errr, I mean Mark Trail…

Can’t really make out what’s in the foreground of the first panel above… Some large winged creature? A Seed pod of some kind? Anyway, as Mark and Cherry catch up on the latest, they have both earned some bruises and scrapes… at least Cherry (likely) will not have any scrapes with Local Law Enforcement…

More BuB (Blown up Boat) references… as this is clearly now Mark’s legacy, thanks to the Allen era. I doubt mark ever blew up a boat under Dodd/Elrod…

Yes. Plot twist indeed. In the old days, Mark couldn’t get rid of Kelly if he wanted to, but now he calls on her for help? What? Kelly with the power of a ka-jillion followers on her insta? What’s that gonna do in the face of Federal charges? Get him a Presidential Pardon?


3 thoughts on “Enter the Welly!

  1. How the heck did Mark get away from the cops, even with blowing up boats? Did they think he went up with the fireworks or something?

    And he has one last errand? Has he completed any of them?

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