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This is your brain on flapjacks

Okay, so we know now that this is not “the next day”, but a few days after. What’s been going until now is yet unknown. For example, Cherry does not seem bothered by her still unresolved problems with the Sunny Soleil Society. It’s as if Dirk’s hogs consumed all of her anger. But it isn’t bringing back her plantings or saving her company.

As for Violet, her face looks stuffed with pancakes (or attacked by a swarm of angry wasps) and she certainly looks like someone who has been on a bender for a long time. She definitely does not match up with her original arrogant presence. I think she might be in a better mood if she had some bacon to go along with those pancakes; and maybe some syrup or fruit, as well. I know that I would certainly be pretty glum eating pancakes with no topping. In fact, I’d skip them in that case.

Now, is Violet wearing that hat or not!? Yesterday, it looked like it was draped over the booth; panel 1 today shows it on, panel 2 is ambiguous, and panel 4 shows it on again. I must be standing in the wrong position, I reckon.

So why is Cherry concerned about the state of her current nemesis? You’d think she would be happy to see Violet in such a disreputable state. And what, exactly, is Violet’s problem? That is, why is she taking this personally? According to her original profile, she should be angry and scheming, preparing her response to the only obvious suspect. Instead, she seems to be turning into a weepy, pathetic pancake junky. I suppose, as another critic suggested, this may turn out to be a device to draw Cherry in and make her feel sorry for Violet. Is this, indeed, a clever trap set by Violet or has she really gone over the edge? Will Cherry catch the scam in time or will she bond with Violet and work out a mutually agreeable solution? It certainly does appear that Violet has the “evil eye” fixed on Cherry’s back in panel 4.

Well, we have 5 more days for Jules to answer these questions before we suffer another two weeks of Mark Losing It in LA-LA-Land.


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