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Here is the Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

This part week saw Mark reacting negatively to preparations underway for the impending NFT/Crypto Influencer event. As a scowling Mark walked along a forest trail (a part of the forest not still on fire, that is), a hooded presence made itself known. And that turned out to be Professor Bee Sharp! Sharp went on to explain that he was not here to praise the Crypto Brothers, he was here to bury them.

Sharp’s zeal to publicly bring down the Brothers and their phony crypto scam conflicts with Mark’s need to save his father before the poop hits the new half-pipe ramp. Unfortunately, Sharp is not concerned, and Mark is left with deciding what to do: Save the potential investors and see his dad possibly implicated, or save his Dad and see other people financially bilked by the Brothers. It’s the old Wisdom of Solomon thing. Mark cannot have it both ways, and Sharp is focused on only one solution. Still, there might be a way to accomplish both of their goals. If only they can see it. Until then, let’s see this…

Beaver engineering from space, huh? That has to be a big priority, right? In truth, we are talking about waterways impacted by beavers. Not like you can see the actual beavers happily deforesting patches of woods along the river and creating their own little dam/huts.

Rivera continues her tradition of title panels customized to each Sunday’s theme, though this week’s title has my head scratching. But then again, maybe beaver tales as a design motif did not work out.

I hope Rivera can afford more time on these Sunday strips. They are good, but there seems to be an over-reliance on the same imaging and compositional techniques each week, with space for more information replaced by a standard personal comment from Mark in the last panel.


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