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Houston, you have a problem

Really!? Really!? Rivera has to make Mark look and sound like a friggin’ dork tourist attending a taping of Austin City Limits. Why? Is there a purpose, other than a cheap laugh?  And once again, we see signs of haste and carelessness in the artwork, from Mark’s flattened and spindly figure in panel 2 (which exhibits all the quality of Bazooka Joe comics) to the sloppily drawn windows in panel 3. Yet, panel 1 is quite decent and a strong contrast to the other two.

I don’t think an international airport would allow trees within a quarter mile of its runways, but they do provide attractive scenery, so the artistic license is appreciated.

As for the big surprise, there was nothing in the assignment that mentioned Diana Daggers showing up (again).  So, where is this Rex Scorpius dude? Or is Daggers now working for him? I know I have argued many times about the validity of satire in this strip, but I admit that it would be nice, once in a while, to have a serious episode, just to break things up a bit. This is not one of those times.


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