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Life ain’t easy for a dad named Mark!

Sorry, Mark! Rusty is no longer an 8-year old boy, hanging on to every empty promise you made. After years of putting him off, I think Rusty has new aspirations. And I’m not sure that the idyllic image in your head of you two enjoying a heartwarming father-and-son fishing trip matches up with the cold reality of a chilly predawn boat ride. This isn’t the 1950s anymore, and Rusty doesn’t wear a coonskin cap.

On a positive note, it’s at least interesting to see that Rivera has invested the Trail family with a more complex set of relationships, wherein Rusty seems more like a real kid. Maybe Mark might score more points with the kid by taking him on one of his assignments. After all, Mark has done so before, in his earlier incarnation, that is. But take note:  The trip to Oregon was a vacation, not an assignment.


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