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Up, up, and away. Please!

This sitcom-ish morality play gives the impression that it is ending on a typically corny bit of self-parody. However, I don’t recall much in the way of heroic action on Mark’s part, lately.

If this was a sitcom, it would cut to commercials, then return for a brief epilog, perhaps Rusty and Mark exiting the theater together, as Rusty tells Mark what a great time he had going to the movies. Or Mark would be chatting up the actions of the superhero, whereupon Rusty would say something really treacly and overly sentimental about Mark. Mark would then ask Rusty if he wants to stop at the ice cream parlor for a cone of Rocky Road…wait. That’s Ozzy Nelson’s trademark.

I’m guessing readers will get the reference here, since I’m not convinced that the younger set is thronging to this updated comic strip. Has anybody seen any stats on readership?


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