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Sucking up is so very hard to do

How did Mark miss Rusty’s interest in cryptids, or even his attempts to find one in Oregon? Oh, maybe it was because Mark was focused on his current project at the time, and nothing comes between Mark and his Calvins . . . er, project. But, better late than never. Right, Mark?

Will Mark attempt to patronize Rusty in hopes of getting some brownie points? He certainly looks like he’s trying too hard. I suspect we are seeing some of Rivera’s social politics leaking through the newsprint.

Is this going to be an actual adventure or merely an extended sidebar that will get thrust aside with a phone call or email? I’ve rolled the dice on it being a real story, and it might be if Mark gets involved in Rusty’s quest. But if he doesn’t, the story will likely be a part-time filler, as we saw in the Oregon Trails story, and that’s a shame. It would cool if they both go on Rusty’s adventure and something bigger and more dangerous or criminal surfaces instead.

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