Home » Bear Necessity » Uh, by the way, two of your guests fell off a cliff.

Uh, by the way, two of your guests fell off a cliff.

Not to be too snarky, but shouldn’t Mark have warned Sid before rescuing the guys? Maybe Stump actually does have an emergency plan in place, and maybe a medic on staff, as well. Wait, when did any operation Mark dealt with have any semblance of actual organization or logistics? So, we’re not breaking new ground here, as Jules Rivera continues her ongoing beat-down of tech nerds. Maybe they are a favorite target of disdain in California, but this is at least the third story to feature clueless-in-life tech nerds. Mark needs new enemies!

Today’s strip would have been a decent cliff hanger for the week when Mark first heard about the accident. But that crisis is apparently past, so this week could turn into a Mark Trail PSA on safety preparations and training. Oh joy.


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