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Why can’t Mark just focus on his assignment, for once?

This sequence just looks so out of place, as I noted earlier. This confab should have taken place before Mark went to the rescue. But we’re not surprised to find no medical resources on site, are we? If there are any state or federal requirements about how private camps must be managed, Sid sure doesn’t act like he’s aware of them. So far, this follows Rivera’s typical take on tech-nerds. In short, how does this rescue mini adventure support the storyline?

On the other hand, kudos to Rivera for not including redundant narration boxes today.


2 thoughts on “Why can’t Mark just focus on his assignment, for once?

  1. I had to go back to February to find that the assignment is to find out what happened to the last writer they sent. Which makes things fit! The hazards & lack of grownups here are relevant. Finding someone is a good reason to have brought Andy along.

    • Well, yes: finding the lost journalist and establishing the reason for the bear assaults (which Mark seems to have already accomplished). Now, if Andy is going to stick around after pulling Professor Bee Sharp back up the cliff, he might have an opportunity to frighten off the troublesome bear.

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