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Pills? Pills!? We don’t need no stinkin’ pills!

Craziness ensues, as does Rivera’s continued slagging of tech nerds. With regard to panel 4, why didn’t Mark just put Sharp in the back of his station wagon and take him to the hospital to begin with? Did he even call for an ambulance? Hard to believe this nature retreat would have been erected in a location with no cell service. But frankly, I’m also surprised that Mark did not position Sharp in anticipation of oncoming shock. Definitely don’t want the head raised.

Side Note: It seems that most of Mark’s nemeses are involved in technology. If this is going to be a continual source of threats to nature and the environment in the Trailverse, then I think Mark could use some help, such as a partner well versed in technology. This could also open up move avenues for better story development! But who would be that person? Somebody completely new? Certainly, not any of the current stable of misfits. Kelly Welly? Haven’t seen enough to know. But Diana Daggers has some tech skills, as well as the ability to handle rough stuff. Sure, she can be a thorn in Mark’s side, but partners-in-tension is a popular TV and movie meme. It worked for Peanuts, so it should work for Mark Trail.


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