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Back at the playhouse

Well. WTF is Andy supposed to do, pull the day bed!? This is mostly Mark’s own fault, since he could have loaded Sharp into his station wagon when they first got back to the retreat. Talk about a contrived situation.  What’s with this “we” business, Mark? And why are you still concerned? Call the bloody paramedics. Then find the bear and lost reporter. Just do the job you were hired to do, Mark!!!

<Sigh!> Yes, I know, another story gone off the rails. This could have been an interesting adventure of investigation, hidden agendas, and drama. Instead, it is once again Mark wasting time with the same people he’s dealt with before (except for the cargo ship owner and his assistant, who appear to have disappeared).

A few days ago commenter Downpuppy brought up a salient point about the missing reporter. My hypothesis is that he got fed up with these whackjobs and just ran away. But at least Sharp has a sense of humor.


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