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Gag me with a spoon!

So, Mark throws Rusty under the bus while still standing up for the phony “Professor” Bee Sharp? Seems to me that Rusty is the real level-headed person here and Mark is acting like some kind of wishy-washy “all sides are valid” dude. No, Mark. Apparently, he not only does not care that Sharp published misinformation that negatively affected other people; he doesn’t seem to care about Rusty’s own humiliation, as he continues to act as Sharp’s proxy.  Nice “Dad moves”, Mark.

Well, I bet you could figure out what Mark would tell Rusty after he got run over by a drunk driver.


2 thoughts on “Gag me with a spoon!

  1. All the kids at Lost Forest School (K-8) be like “I say, Rusty old bean, you came quite the cropper on the taxonomy of Artiodactyla.”

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