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Mark consults his conscience.

Sharp hanging out with  his enemies? Well, I suppose there is a bit of truth in that. They certainly had a falling out over the NFT scam. And they bickered at the retreat, as well. So what? Mark still refers to Sharp as “Professor Bee Sharp”. I wonder how Sharp expects to obtain money by going to the mountain retreat, as Mark ponders. Blackmail? Well, Mark is sure jumping between assumptions like an Olympic runner over the hurdles. But does he have a point? Is there a secret plan of sabotage or worse? For the sake of this story, I hope so!

On the plus side, Ralph the Rat Snake finally has a cameo.  I say, give him a few more panels and a few more words. But I wish Rivera would stop drawing animals that face the reader. That “Dagwood in the headlights” shtick is long past old and should be retired for about two years, so we have a chance to forget it.


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