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Forget the tea, just get a couple of beers from the fridge!

Um, in panel 1, Cherry’s hands are pressing against Mark’s chest. Doesn’t looks like a willing embrace to me! But it does look like Rivera has been looking at old-fashioned woodcuts. Why do I think this? Well, the composition is unusual, as is the straight-line hatching surrounding Mark and Cherry. We just don’t see that technique in her work.

The example on the left is clearly not the source, but it does show the linear hatched lines and a tightly-framed composition, like the window scene.

Or maybe Rivera was inspired by 19th century Victorian art, as in the example on the right.

Or maybe she has another source. Any ideas, people?

Okay, I’m wandering, but that’s pretty much what’s happening this week in Mark Trail, as Cherry’s Week gets the short shrift with this inane series of bad puns.


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