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What rain? We don’t see no stinking rain!

If this is Rivera’s take on the “vintage” version of Mark Trail with its 1950s social mores, she should stick with the current crazy version of Mark Trail, thank you. Blech!

I have to admit that that is the worst drawing of lightning that I have seen in years. Sorry, Jules.


3 thoughts on “What rain? We don’t see no stinking rain!

    • Sorry to have to disappoint you, but glad you didn’t put any money down, Downpuppy! Rivera started substituting that old-school shading technique for Mark’s beard back on March 20. But like you, I think it just looks bad. I hope she goes back to the hand-drawn stubble. This new kind of beard is more like what you find on depictions of disreputable characters and crooks. I’d hope that Rivera is not trying to draw a parallel.

      • Ah, yes. It had just looked gray to me until today I zoomed in a full size head. Overdue to get a new prescription for the bifocals.

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