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Should Violet call the Honest Ernest Roofing Company?

Blimey, who knew Violet was British? As for the water, I’m sure we’ll hear something from Cherry about how the concrete driveway must have been involved. No doubt there is a way that sneaky concrete also caused water to form on Violet’s desk.

As an aside, the Sunny Soleil Society is supposed to be supporting the interests of a local HOA, which is how Cherry first got involved with them. So, since Cherry appears to be under contract to the Society, why wouldn’t they have Cherry provide landscaping and gardening services to homeowners served by the HOA, rather than have her work only on the Society’s grounds? Where’s the money in that?!

Anyway, I’d think Rivera could generate more story ideas through the interactions of Cherry, the Society, and various (quirky) homeowners. Got that, Jules? You can’t keep milking the old Society Cow forever. Dodd didn’t make Mark catch the same poachers, over and over.


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